The ULTIMATE POWER permanently seeks, with the invaluable collaboration of our commercial network, new opportunities and business models in this vast and important area of energy efficiency and reduction of emission of gaseous pollutants.
In this context, it is with a great pleasure that we give news about the sale by our Reseller Francisco Certo which installed in a generator  JOHN DEERE Model JO0150SWD two ULTIMATE CELLS TRUCK ENGINE (UCTE) which, since the first week, began immediately to achieve Very Good results.

The client is the company MAGNITRILHO – Unipessoal Ltd located in Oleiros-Guimarães with activities like sawing, cutting and finishing of ornamental and other stones for the as well as transportation to construction site, which gave us permission to disclose this news confirming, indeed, a fuel saving of 20%. The generator had an average fuel consumption of 100 liters/day of diesel, working six days a week. Now, with ULTIMTE CELL this value reduced to 80 liters/day.



ULTIMATE CELLS Performance in Generators