On September 18th, the Portuguese reference newspaper “Público” reported that “Vehicles manufactured before 2000 will be banned from downtown Lisbon starting on November”

The Lisbon City Council concludes that the Low Emissions Zone has allowed significant improvements in the quality of the air and prepares to extend the circulation restrictions.

The Lisbon City Council envisages introducing new restrictions to traffic as early as November… (sic)

The Lisbon City Council, in agreement with the Institute for Mobility and Transport (IMT), have determined that, for controlling the emissions of the older cars, exhaust filters properly homologated would be installed allowing the circulation in the city delimited zones. These particulate filters and catalytic converters are retainer units that tend to clog over time, representing a big expense when it’s time of its replacement. They are also restrictive elements to the free flow of the exhaust gases, impairing the engine’s performance and decreasing his life expectancy.

On January 2014, in official tests performed on two Mercedes Benz vehicles with diesel engines (construction years of 1995 and 1996) with high mileage (more than 600,000 Km), were obtained, a month after installing the ULTIMATE CELL ®, reductions of particulate material with values of respectively 57.76% and 80.58%, that allowed to initiate a new official approval process of the device as a Particulate Material Emissions Reducer that its running its official procedures in order to allow the modification of environmental class of vehicles where it’s installed.